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Today: National Rubber Ducky Day

And I have one of my very own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think EVERYONE should have a Rubber Ducky.    They make it impossible to be sad.

I have had my own Ducky for several years, but recently I have misplaced him and so I need to make sure that I add this to my list of WHAT BOB WANTS FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!

I need a new Ducky.    Desperately.

Love and Licks,


Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

Today!!!!!!     Today is the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day and I got a BONE.    A big one.   A very special marrow bone, which is my all time favorite.

It is truly a feast.     My Mom is the BEST.   Ever.


Mom says now that I am almost Seven Years Old, I qualify as an official Wild Man.    Ta Da'     That is a good thing.   I think.    

Mom and I like to discover little known dates of great importance but really there isn't too much to find out about this one.    Here is the best we could do:

The Festival of Wild Women is associated with the winter solstice. But why might some people celebrate the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men on Jan. 12? Other "wild" connections to Jan. 12 include the birth anniversary of author Jack London, best known for "The Call of the Wild."


Howard Stern, whom some may call a wild man also celebrates his birthday on Jan. 12


Dionysus, Ancient Greek god born from the thigh of Zeus and could be considered one of the original "wild men." He was the "god of wine, agriculture, and fertility of nature," according to Encyclopedia Mythica. In Ancient Greece, one of the Dionysian Festivals, Lenaia, was held on Gamelion 12-15 (around January). "This festival was thought to reawaken the slumbering vegetation after the long, still months of winter" according to Wildivine. Theodaisia, or "entertainment of the gods" was another Dionysian Festival celebrated in January. So, men, drink up, feast and be merry.

And as for me?    I'm sticking with my Marrow Bone.   Thanks, Mom!

Love and Licks,

Boy Bloginator

-----------   happy that I am an Official Wild Man

Merry, Merry Christmas


                              Merry, Merry Christmas Day, from me, Bob.

                                Love and Licks to all my special friends,


The Twelve Days of Christmas

Yesterday was  December 13 and I think we can begin to Count Out the TWELVE DAYS OF CHISTMAS.

I'm not actually sure about this fact.    I want to make that clear right up front so no one thinks I am not doing a good job.    I just am confused as to when to begin counting.  If we begin counting yesterday, and count for twelve days it will be December 24th and that is Christmas Eve, so I think I am right.  That is if we count today as Day 1.    Correct?

But if we count starting TODAY, and count for twelve days, then we end up on the 25th, which is CHRISTMAS DAY.

Either way,  I am so excited.    Do you know what this means?   It means that within hours a Partridge and a Pear Tree will be arriving on my door.     We have a pear tree in our very own back yard that drops very delicious pears onto our ground in the late summer, but I have never seen a Partridge.

So I woke up my grumpy Mouse Person, who was very tired already and Christmas isn't even here, and asked it to find me a Partridge Picture.     Here it is;


Now, because I am trying very hard to not make any mistakes, I want to tell you that there are two kinds of partridges in our country.  These are game birds, by the way, and one is called a Chukar Partridge and one is called a Gray Partridge.  This photo graph is of a Chukar Partridge.      Oh, and the partridge belongs to the pheasant family.

Here is another important fact.   The partridge was first introduced to North America in 1889 when the gray partridge was brought into Virginia.   Can you believe that?  Right here in our own back-yard!     So I have still never seen one, but now we ALL know what to look for when the pear tree arrives at our door.

I'm really excited about these Twelve Days cause I am hoping to have lots of new facts to tell you about, and not to mention, some wonderful gifts for me, Bob.     This is fun.

You have time to go shopping, and if you want to find a present for my sister, Lydia, you could get her this.     I think she would like it.                                             
If you wanted to get a present for me, remember I like ART.   I like it a lot.    So you could get me this.


See what a great reporter I am?    Here are two wonderful gift ideas for you.  HA.      

  Now I am going to lay on my porch and watch for the arrival of our Partridge Containing Pear Tree.

Love and Licks and Start Counting the Days,


The Hobbit's Part Time Job


      Today is Friday the 13th and I think it might be my lucky day.

Today a new movie comes to theaters near you, and it is called: 
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Ha.   I have solved my problem.      I think The Hobbit people are secretly the Christmas Elves in their spare time and if this is the case, I am no longer afraid of them.

Here is a picture I found of one of them and as you can see, he is Checking His List:

                           AND here is where he lives in the "off season"


So as you can see, I have nothing to be afraid of.   It is obvious that these Hobbits are kind people and just need a part time job between filming Mega BlockBuster Movies.   HA.     I feel ever so much safer.   And happier.     Whew.

No more fear of Christmas Elves for me.    Flying Monkeys, yes, but I am over my fear of the elves.     

And on that happy note, let me remind you that December 18th is ANSWER THE PHONE LIKE BUDDY THE ELF DAY and you can be sure I will be blogging about that.

Love and Licks,

------ no longer afraid of Elves
-------------    okay
------------------------ maybe just a little bit scared, still


Tomorrow is officially Gingerbread House Day.  HA.
I bet you didn't even know there was such a day, did you?     Well, because I am a Super Duper, Boy Bloginator and Pit Bull Reporter Extra Ordinary,  I know ALL about these things.

And even though tomorrow, December 12, is the OFFICIAL DAY, there was a real celebration in Gettysburg, where the Fourth Annual Celebration was held this past week-end.


More than 20 gingerbread buildings were on display at the Harrisburg Area Community College s Gettysburg campus for the fourth annual Gingerbread Celebration -----  and this was the WINNER.

Jennifer Robinson entered this house in the annual celebration held in Pennsylvania and she worked for a month on her creation.

 Robinson, a Hanover architecture and food enthusiast, said many people try to build the sugar-filled chalets in one day, but that's when problems begin.

The key to building a gingerbread house that lasts is to use gingerbread that is sturdy and dry, she said.

The Gettysburg Festival's fourth annual Gingerbread Celebration auctioned off all of the contest entries to benefit the Gettysburg Festival. Robinson's house sold for the highest price, $525, and other entries sold for $50 or more. Entries in five categories competed for cash prizes.

Here is the problem.    Where is the GINGERBREAD DOG HOUSE?    Of course, once I found MOPE, my lazy Mouse Person, who was sleeping in a bowl of kitty kibble, we were able to find some floating around in CyberSpace.    This was my favorite, but fat chance Mom will be making it any time soon.   Her creativity only goes so far at Christmas, she says


And of course, CERTAIN DOGS, get a very fine house indeed --------- check it out:

I think whoever made this needs a lesson in perspective, however.    Bo Bama is pretty darn big if you ask me.     I seriously doubt that he is the same size as an elephant, which appears to be the case in this photo.    HA.

Maybe next year I can go to Gettysburg and check out their festival.   Little chance Mom will get energetic anytime soon

Love and Licks,


Georgia On Our Minds

I wanted to share a Blog with you that appeared on THE BEST FRIENDS BLOG   Our friend, Mr. Gregory Castle, wrote this when he learned about the passing of Georgia, who was one of the Vicktory Dogs.

I think that all of us heard this sad news, but I wanted to share this with my friends and ask that everyone say a very special prayer for ALL of the Vickory Dogs, the ones here on Earth and the ones running free at The Bridge.



I am so very sad to have to pass along this news. Georgia, one of the dogs from the Michael Vick dogfighting case, has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Her age was taking its toll, and her kidneys could just no longer keep up.

All of the Vicktory dogs captured our hearts, but maybe none more than Georgia. From her time on the National Geographic show “DogTown,” she was an instant star. That wonderful smile and loving personality won everyone over – whether she met someone in real life or through a television screen.

She became quite a celebrity over the years. Along with Dogtown trainer John Garcia, she snuggled her way across the national stage. From the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” to “Larry King Live,” she helped rewrite the story for pit-bull-terrier-type dogs everywhere.

We’re thankful for everyone who played a part in her redeeming life story – from the investigators who put an end to the Bad Newz Kennels, to every shelter worker who aided in the rescue, to every Best Friends staff member, volunteer, donor and supporter who helped give her a new lease on life. We’re especially thankful for her adopter, Amy. Amy was the perfect person for Georgia. It’s been almost two years that Georgia has been exactly where she should have always been: in a warm bed in a home, snuggled by people who love her dearly for the wonderful dog she was.

As I said, she touched so many people around the world, but maybe none more than some of the Best Friends staff who worked with her so closely. I wanted to pass along some of their thoughts.

John Garcia, trainer: Knowing that Georgia isn’t with us anymore is something that is very emotional for me. I worked closely with Georgia for the years that she lived at Best Friends, and she was, to say the least, a very special girl to me. Knowing she was with Amy, in a loving adopted home for the last part of her life is a great comfort since I know she finally was treated the way she deserved, not only with the love and respect that we gave her, but she finally had a couch and a bed and all of the “princess” things that she loved so much.

Georgia taught me so much more than I could have ever given her, not from her reputation or history, but simply because she was who she was and the world got to see it.

Michelle Besmehn, Dogtown manager: I guess what I would say I loved most about Georgia is that although it was apparent by looking at her when she arrived that her life had not been easy, she was still exuberant, confident and full of life. It was hard not to fall in love with her goofy grin and gigantic personality. She seemed to quickly settle in to her life here at Best Friends, surrounded by caregivers who loved her and an ever-growing fan club. She didn’t miss a beat when it was time to do a little traveling with John Garcia or make an appearance on television. She was intelligent, silly and knew how to work a crowd.

With the help of her caregivers, she was able to achieve her Canine Good Citizen certification, which made her eligible for adoption. I am so grateful that Georgia was able to experience having her own home and family. She was truly loved and spoiled rotten (as it should be)! One of the more recent updates was about Georgia taking a vacation to the beach. There was an incredible picture of her walking towards the ocean. She looked peaceful and content. These are the updates that make me feel lucky that I have been a part of the journey for each of the Vicktory dogs. Georgia was an incredible soul and she will be missed.

Ledy VanKavage, senior legislative attorney, pit bull initiatives: Georgia was a little game-bred dog who truly was a game changer for all dogs seized in fight busts. Despite the horrible abuse she endured, she loved folks, charmed her way onto the set of ‘Ellen,’ and rubbed shoulders with Hollywood elite. Through her, we learned that all dogs are individuals and deserve a chance – even ex-fighting dogs. God speed, Georgia – you were one of a kind.

I’ll always remember her pink collar and her beautiful smile. As with all the Vicktory dogs, she exuded a bright light and love that was very special. I am heartbroken today to know that light is gone from the Earth. However, I’m forever thankful for Georgia’s contributions to the future for pit-bull-terrier-type dogs. She has truly left a mark on the world.

Georgia, please say hi to Lucas for us. We’ll see you again.


Gregory Castle
Best Friends Animal Society

Ah HA!!!!!!!!!! FootPrints


Ha!    I knew if I kept looking I would find evidence of those Pesky Elves and  I did!!!!!!    Don't they look ever so guilty?   

It is snowing at our Leesburg home and this morning when Mom took us outside, there they were, right in the SNOW.    Elf Prints!!!!!!!!


So now everyone will have to believe me.   They are everywhere I tell you.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I intend to behave myself!



I think they were trying to hide in the fountain!    But I CANNOT be fooled.    I am a Detective.    Just call me Sherlock.  Thanks.


When do They Grow Up?

So this is my silly Two Leg Sister, Lydia, who is on vacation in California.   Of course, she had to go to Costco.   And she had to send us this picture, cause she thinks that Santa should bring her this.   She is 42 years old.     For goodness sake. 

Of course, if she was a dog she would only be a little over 7 years old, so maybe that is why she thinks this is appropriate.    

If I was her age (in human years), I would be 181 years old.   Basically, I would be dead, so I wouldn't need that Panda.

I guess we will tell her that she can have it.



Books for Soldiers 2014

Last year I did some Blogging  about a great thing called Books for Soldiers, and I want to tell you about I again this year cause it is a really good thing to do.

It's easy too and it will make YOUR Holiday more meaningful if you help another person.

You can find them on FaceBook if you have your Mouse Person click you right over here:

Or you can go to their Web-Site for ALL the information, by clicking RIGHT ON THESE WORDS

Here is how it works, and you really should consider doing this.  Now.

Before you can be given access to the troop requests posted on the BFS bulletin board, you must first register for an account. You can get one HERE. This will give you access to most troop requests. There are some requests that require OpSec (operational security), meaning they cannot post their address publicly. These addresses are post in our Soldiers Requesting Privacy forum. To gain access to these sensitive addresses, you must become an Official Volunteer (OV). To become an OV, you must complete the brief application form (download the PDF here), have it notarized and mail it to us. We realize this is complicated, but we do this to help keep the soldiers safe.

Once you are approved as an Official BFS Volunteer, go to our online bulletin board and review the requests posted from soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors; there are hundreds of them! Scroll through the names and pick someone whose request has not yet been filled.

We also list requests for larger units of troops (e.g., platoons, companies); you may be especially interested in responding to these requests if you have a large number of books or other items to send.

Try to send what the troop requests (some will just request “anything”). It’s fine to send used books, DVDs, or CDs; if you have old paperback books that are in good shape, send them (note, though, that it is illegal to send pornography to the areas where most deployed military personnel are now serving). You may also wish to include other needed items to fill the package. See our Care Package Help guide for ideas!

Try to send packages in something about the size of a shoe box or similar for quick delivery. The post office also has flat rate boxes that are a good size for mailing to troops. Be sure to include a note and your email address in your package; you could come away with a pen pal!

If you send a package, post what you sent on the bulletin board under the troop’s name. This keeps them from getting multiple copies of the same item and helps us keep track of when requests are filled.

We try to fulfill all requests that are left unfilled by people at home. Our average cost for a book or care package going to a soldier overseas is about $20; this includes, for example, a book, postage, a brief note, and a small care package. Your donation is deeply appreciated.

If you have a loved one who is serving overseas, submit a request for him or her through the form on the BFS homepage, or ask BFS staff to post a request on the bulletin board and BFS and our Official Volunteers will try to fulfill the request.

If you have co-workers or friends who have family members serving, please tell them about us. We also ask that you mention us in your church bulletin or organization’s newsletter. You can also email your friends about our site or add our button to your website. All help is appreciated. We are always looking for more volunteers!

     SEE........  It really is very easy.        You know how much we love books in our home and Mom and I think this is a perfect way to share the true meaning of Christmas.

I know you will agree,

Love and Licks,

Boy Bloginator